Fraps 3.5.4

Right now the latest pre-activated version is 3.5.4. For some reason no one is taking the time to crack the 3.5.5 version. If you found the 3.5.5 version on some other website or YouTube video and plan on installing it, beware, since there's a high chance that the file is infected with viruses or some other malware.
If you want to be on the safe side check my blog or YouTube video daily. I'll update it, once the 3.5.5 version is cracked. Don't know when it will be cracked, but once it is I will upload it here.

Installation notes (follow these steps, if after installation Fraps still records for 30 seconds):
  • If you had any previous version of Fraps in your PC (doesn’t matter if it was cracked or a trial version), make sure to uninstall it, before installing the new version.
  • After you done that. Go to “C:\WINDOWS\system32” look for a file called “frapsvid.dll” and delete it. Now you can install Fraps.


Fraps 3.5.4 version:
Full Fraps Download

VirusTotal Scan:

Changelog Fraps 3.5.4
- Improved capture speed for D3D8 games
- Fixed Max Payne 1 not recording when AA enabled
- Fixed error when initializing DirectX on Windows 7